Replace CMOS battery? Whats that?

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Author: bakkaLocation: NY PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 8:34 am    Post subject: Replace CMOS battery? Whats that?
This is not directly my problem but its my friend's problem. He said that when he starts his computer, it says to replace cmos battery, and it wont start. I think thats a real poor description, but he doesn't know about computers much (not that I know alot). Anyway, I told him to go to CMOS and load setup defaults (I told him to go to fail-safe, but he said he doesnt have one) so it loaded, restarted. Then it says.. Setup Defaults Loaded.. CMOS Battery Failed.. =\ What does that mean? I'm not even sure if its software problem or hardware problem...

Author: chrisLocation: ~/security-forums PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 12:17 pm    Post subject:
There is a physical battery on board, a round one like a watch battery but bigger which has had it, easily replaced.

Im sure last time I had this problem I could still use the computer though it just didnt save stuff like the time etc.

Author: second_comingLocation: UK PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 3:13 pm    Post subject:
I had a motherboard a few years ago that if the battery went the PC wouldn't boot at all.

Author: delete852Location: Washington DC PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 6:30 pm    Post subject:
When you unplug your computer there is no power flowing throught the motherboard anymore. So you need something to power up the BIOS chip so it would store the settings. There is a battery size a little smaller than a quarter, and diameter about 2cm. You have to go get a new one and then replace the old one.

Author: MR2Location: Somewhere between 0-160mph PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2002 10:44 pm    Post subject:
Hi bakka,

Just for you information of changing a CMOS battery..

(found on google for ya)

Author: bakkaLocation: NY PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:08 am    Post subject:
Thanks alot! I'm just gonna go tell my friend to buy that thing. =D

Author: athel.davis PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:08 am    Post subject:
CMOS is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.It is one type of chip that holds data without external power.In your computer there is a BIOS settings and these settings are saved after changes only because of this CMOS chip.This chip is on motherboard and it can replace easily.CMOS has it's own memory.

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