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Author: madzukasLocation: Lithuania PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:38 am    Post subject: IE problems
I have problem working with one web site.

I start Neoteris Secure application manager to connect to X organization site.
I connect to X organization intranet site, then provide my user name and password, the system logs me in. Then i click to link to site that works with oracle database, i provide my oracle user name and password. Then i choose to do some configuration. I make some configurations and when i want to save them i click done button, then my session disconnects from server the page do not displays.
Neoteris Secure application manager reports "IVE server disconnected from host"

Sometimes everything is working , i can save my configurations. But after some time of work with the page, this problem occurs. I suppose there could be problem with cache.

For connection to web i use IE6 sp installed. I use Win xp pro.

Any advise would be help full. Wink

Networking/Security Forums -> Connectivity // Telecommunications // Internet News

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