Fixed connection problem with bt voyager 205 ethernet modem

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Author: Stitch_thatLocation: 50.745395N, 1.879228W PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 11:26 am    Post subject: Fixed connection problem with bt voyager 205 ethernet modem
Hi All ,
I recently replaced my adsl usb modem with a BT Voyager 205 ethernet modem after my isp upgraded my connection to 8.2mb, my web browsing and streaming media seem to be better but I get a strange problem when online gaming within Unreal Tournament .
I'm only able to load my favs tab in the UT browser , if I click the UnrealTournament or Populated Servers tab it searches and finds all the servers ok but when it starts to load them in the browser it stops at around 10 or 12% and the servers it has loaded don't show any server information . Also after that all the servers in my favs tab stop showing any info and all my web browsing and email stop responding and I have to reboot my PC. I never used to get these problems with my old 2mb connection/usb modem.
I've flashed the firmware update for the modem from the BT website and checked for all the latest drivers elsewhere, does anybody know if there are any settings in the modem software that need changing.



Hi Again,
In case anybody should be having the same problem I found a fix for it on the forums.

Open up a command prompt (Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Command prompt, in windows).

Login with the same details as for the web interface advanced section. E.G:
login: admin
password: admin

at the prompt type the following, pressing enter after each command:

modify nbsize maxipsess 512

modify nat global udptimeout 10



Close the command prompt window
Wait for the router to reboot.

Hope this might help somebody else Smile

**end edit**

XP Pro
AMD Sempron 3400+
GeForce ti4400
1024mb DDR
Asus K8V-X SE

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