gpu fan settings keep reverting

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Author: ChaosPriest PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:18 pm    Post subject: gpu fan settings keep reverting
i am running a geforce 8600 gts and i have been noticing that the card has been running warmer than i would like (between 70-85c under load).
i started with ntune to adjust the fan settings. i was noticing that whatever speed i would put it at, within a few min it would revert to 30% and then slow down from there. seeing that it woudnt work i downloaded evga precision tool and set the speed higher. again, within a few min it defaults back to 30%. so, i downloaded rivatuner and learned how to make a profile to where the fan speed would increase as the temp rose. it would work for about a min, but as the temp climbed to 70, it would go right back down to 30% and gradually go down. i have uninstalled the previous programs that i was using everytime i tried something new, but to no avail.

I was reading other posts elsewhere that suggested that it might be the driver version, i was using the 185 drivers and after my fan problems i rolled back to the 178 driver, but still no change. so after a long night of dealing with this, i find myself here asking for some help.

if anyone is familiar with this situation or knows of a solution, i would be most appreciative. thanks.

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