Bypassing BIOS with linux and/or flashing it?

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Author: jacobfernandas PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:17 am    Post subject: Bypassing BIOS with linux and/or flashing it?
To whom is may concern, thanks if you can reply.

I have an old computer, Pentium II with luckily bit over 512MB of RAM, however its BIOS is very limited. About none of the HDDs I have cannot be detected, besides the 4GB one, by the BIOS.

So I've heard that Linux actually bypass the BIOS and can access the HDD, but is this really true? Does certain distributions has it or all of Linux have it? Also, if I were to install a HDD controller card onto an old computer, would it then detected larger HDD on the controller?

Also another question: whats the usual chance that flashing the BIOS would be successful? Does the floppies have to be exactly new or made for flashing? Would the Beta or second best BIOS update be
appropriate? And would finding old BIOS be hard to get?

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