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Author: PirouzIraniLocation: Tehran PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:09 pm    Post subject: Help me with MPLS
Hello freinds!

I hope you could help solve this problem.

we have two offices which just have been connected through what the telco tells us, is an MPLS link. at the first office they put a HUAWEI 18-33AR g.shdsl modem and In the second office we have an ADSL modem! both connected to telco. then they told it is VPN MPLS! they have given a WAN IP address for the head with G.SHDSL modem and asked for a LAN IP address we gave them and no WAN IP address for ADSL modem with LAN IP of .

The question is here, we have two LANs which should be connected over this link that i think is a directly connected, and need just One DHCP server giving IP addresses to the stations, what configurations we need on the DHCP server computer?

do we need two NIC's for the server to configure both LAN and WAN IP addresses for the edge with G. modem?

Do we need a DHCP relay agent in either edge of the WAN?
Any what do you suggest?
Please help me, i really need to do this job.

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