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Author: paulo.oliveiraLocation: Amazonas, Brazil PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:06 pm    Post subject: Routing VPN NIC on XP

Iīm having trouble trying to route through a VPN NIC on XP.

Hereīs the scenario:
XP SP3 with one LAN NIC and another Cisco VPN Client NIC.

| |
---VPN Server (XP SP3)---

I created a route on my default gateway (Firewall) to route requests to VPN Server when searching to a specific IP address.

I sould work like this:
1- Clients make a request to the specific IP address;
2- Requests reach the firewall;
3- Firewall routes to VPN Server
4- VPN Server must route it to internet via Cisco VPN Client NIC

When I do a tracert to the IP address, I can see that routing from firewall to VPN Server is working, but the clients donīt get routed from VPN server to internet.

I used this article to enable IP router on XP:

I appreciate any insights!

Paulo Oliveira.

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