Testing a production server after making a change

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Author: ryansuttonLocation: San Francisco, California PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:49 pm    Post subject: Testing a production server after making a change
I have a new responsibility at work to create test documents that should be used after making any type of a change to a production server. Note that we are not using change control, nor do we plan on using it any time soon. I'm trying to find the right balance between testing everything on the server after a change and testing too little. For a production Exchange server this is my current test plan:

Note - to be used after making any change to Exchange, except creating a new user or distribution group.

1.Log in to OWA. Send email from OWA to an external address. Verify that you received the message and send a reply back.
2.Create new external Outlook Profile. Verify that Autodiscover correctly enters in the server information. Once profile is setup, send an email to an external address. Reply from the external address.
3.Send email to a user with a smart phone. Ask them to reply back. Repeat with a Blackberry user (if applicable).
4.Check Application and System logs. Resolve any new errors and if neccesary any new warnings.

The above steps test: mail flow, RPC>HTTP/Outlook Anywhere, Autodiscover, Active Sync/BES/BIS, general system issues that are logged, OWA/IIS/SSL.

Am I missing anything here? The goal is that after making a change, these tests prove the Exchange server is again "ready for production". There are also some test POSH commands for Exchange 2007/2010 - does anyone have specific commandlets they would recommend?

Networking/Security Forums -> Beginners // Misc. Computer Questions

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