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Author: Mongrel PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 4:28 am    Post subject: BIOS Central - Beep Codes and more
Stumbled across this nice site that hosts POST codes for just about every BIOS known to man.

Bios Central -

"Scope of This Web Site
BIOS Central is not for everyone. It is intended to be a technical reference home site for technicians and advanced computer users who troubleshoot computers using Power-On Self-Test cards or diagnostics, developers or technicians who want to find or add POST code information, users who want to flash their BIOSes, people who want to solve computer hardware or firmware problems, and anyone who wants to submit or read a competent review on PC maintenance products like diagnostic software, test cards, and recovery tools and other utilities. You are still welcome if you are a computer neophyte. On both sides of this text you can see many links to click on to access our reference lists and other material. You may learn some useful and interesting things here. This web site is under new management, as of Jan 2003, and we thank Eric Wickman for preparing the initial site and organizing its content."

Networking/Security Forums -> Hardware // Upgrades

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