unable to manage DHCP via mmc console

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Author: wickerandvineLocation: alang-alang Mandaue PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:38 am    Post subject: unable to manage DHCP via mmc console

I have a problem with managing DHCP server remotely. I have two dhcp servers. The first one can be managed remotely via MMC console, that is until I rebooted the server. No changes were made on the first server. I just rebooted it since it has been up for almost a year now. After reboot I can no longer manage it via MMC. It gives a red icon with a minus sign on it.

For the second dhcp server. I is unmanageable via mmc console to begin with. Server has a red icon on the mmc console with an x sign on it.

I can add both server on the mmc but when I click on them they give off a red icon. Both servers are just working fine. They are giving ip addresses to machines.

What could be the problem?


Networking/Security Forums -> Windows

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